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UPR HydRace Pressurized In-Car Hydration System

  • Quick release valves on drinking and pressurization tube
  • Slide top and wide open mouth for fast refill
  • Reversible, dishwasher safe reservoir
  • Lifetime warranty against leaks
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Notched top flap for easy routing of air and drink tubes.
  • Durable construction constricts the reservoir during pressurization so less pumps are needed and engine doesn't over-expand into gear compartments.
  • Loop holes along perimeter seam for carabiners or use in tying down the reservoir.
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Pricing: $99.95
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This is a complete insulated Hydration System that will mount in your race or play car.

The HydRace system utilizes a Geigerrig pressurized hydration engine with the power bulb for on-demand pressurized drinking water. No need to fight the traditional bite valves to get hydrated. We’ve all been there, by the time you get the water flowing you’re out of time for a drink. The system eliminates the need for additional pumps, wiring, buttons of the over complicated systems. This is simple, reliable and all in a compact self-contained easy to install compact package. 3 Liter (100 oz.) capacity

Hydration Info & Chart

  • Printable Hydration Chart

    Whether you’re sitting at a desk or on your way to run a marathon, the importance of maintaining a steady fluid intake is always there. The body naturally loses fluids through sweating, urinating, and even breathing. Of course some events result in more fluid loss than others, requiring more diligent care towards one's hydration. One of these events being, of course, racing. Sitting in a seat for hours on end in a fire-safe suit with numerous undergarments and an enclosed race car - all of which being outside - will result in acute fluid loss and in result requires careful attention to one's hydration levels. What happens if I’m not properly hydrated? Though there are dozens of symptoms surrounding dehydration, here are just a few:
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle cramps
    • Confusion
    • Headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Heat Stroke
    • Slow reaction times
    • Decreased motor control
    • Decreased decision making abilities
    It’s no secret that any of these symptoms are going to hinder your performance in a race car. Take the time to read about and understand the ins and outs of hydration to ensure you never have to deal with any of these preventable side effects.
    How to hydrate:
    The best way to hydrate for an event is to start at least a day or two before. Expecting to get all the necessary fluids for your body the day of a race is impossible. Start by drinking around 8-10oz of water an hour throughout that day or two before the race. This will help hydrate your body and your muscles, setting you up for a successful day on the track. During the event, drink as much as you can to help combat your fluid loss. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink! Chances are if you feel thirsty, it’s too late and you are already dehydrated! It’s also important to remember your hydration system isn’t meant to get you to a hydrated state, it’s meant to help you stay hydrated.
    Where electrolytes play a role:
    Many see electrolyte enhanced drinks to be a better hydration option than water, when in reality it depends on the situation. It’s important to note that all drinks have electrolytes. Unless clearly labeled as “distilled,” all the water you are drinking has at least a small percentage of electrolytes in it. Sports drinks that are known for having a higher concentration of electrolytes are sought after to replenish the body and help retain water. Electrolyte drinks are most effective when you are prone to increased mineral loss in a short period of time, are experiencing side effects of extreme dehydration, or are exposed to the heat for long periods of time. Electrolytes will help replenish the minerals lost during the event, and can help your body make the most out of the water as well. Electrolytes also help prevent the possible effects of overdrinking, such as hyponatremia - a condition where the sodium levels in one’s blood are lower than normal. Regardless of these benefits, it’s still important to drink water to hydrate for a race. You can consume electrolyte drinks before and after, yet it’s important to understand these are not a full replacement for water.
    After the race:
    Following the race, you should work to drink at least one and a half times your fluid loss. However, much like hydrating for the race, don’t do it all in one sitting! Pace yourself and maintain a steady intake of fluids to return to normal hydration levels. A great way to determine if you’re hydrated or not is through a urine color test. The darker your urine is, the more dehydrated you are. If your urine is anywhere from a light yellow to clear, you are well hydrated.
    Download a full size of the below hydration chart from the link at the top of this page.
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