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ISC Helicopter Tape 8mil

Product Information

Price Range: $19.00 - $67.00


Also Referred To As "Leading Edge Tape", this transparent polyurethane protective tape that is exceptionally tough, offers abrasion protection and has excellent non-yellowing UV resistance. This tape has extremely aggressive, long aging acrylic adhesive that adhere to many painted and unpainted surfaces. It also offers good resistance to many solvents and fuels. Be sure the Helicopter tape you use is Polyurethane Material. There are some tapes on the market claiming to be "Helicopter Tape", but they are PVC or vinyl. These two types of tape don't like heat and will turn yellow. ISC Helicopter Tape is available 1",2", 3", and4". Call for 6" and 8" ISC tape is sticky, aggressive and, like any other tape is difficult to work with in widths over 8".