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Sparco Alpha Racing Seat

Product Information

Price Range: $825.00 - $825.00

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Product Information

  • FIA Approved
  • Larger Dimensions
  • Base & Side Mount
  • FHR / HANS Compatible


This fiberglass shell seat from Sparco has been developed for taller / larger drivers. Suitable for both side or base mounting the Alpha competition seat is constructed using a new ultralight lamination process which creates a more rigid and safer shell. The seat cover has been reinforced in areas prone to wear. A low profile leg cushion offers added safety by keeping the legs inside the seat shell. Harness slots make the Alpha seat suitable for use with 4, 5 or 6 point harnesses. FHR / HANS device compatible

Racing seats are shipped free from the UPR Arizona warehouse only. Free shipping does not apply to orders that are drop shipped from the manufacturer.


  • FIA Rating: Yes
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Mounting Location: Base or Side
  • Primary Use: Auto Racing
  • Fire Retardant Fabric: Yes
  • Hans Optimized: Yes

Why Use A UPR Racing Seat Pad

How much fun is it to win the big race but you can barely climb the podium because your seat pummeled you every inch of the race. If you had the UPR Racing Seat Pad under you, you'd really be celebrating!

What's so special about the UPR Racing Seat Pad? For starters, it's been in the winners circle of every major off road racing event for the past decade. The UPR Racing Seat Pad is just as important as any other piece of performance or safety equipment on your race vehicle. Especially recommended for off road racing vehicles, but also works well in road race and street cars. The full bottom pad will fit most shell style racing seats as a replacement for the standard foam bottom. Constructed of approved fire resistant, multi-density foam material that is soft to the touch but increases in firmness as it's compressed. The UPR Racing Seat Pad can be used in most composite and aluminum shell style racing seats.

From the safety standpoint, it adds another layer of impact absorbtion for you. You probably have experienced first hand those bone jarring bumps that made you wish you has a little more suspension. The UPR Seat cushion could very well be that little more suspension.

The countoured design of the UPR Racing Seat Pad also supports your body in a more ergonomic position. This helps to lessen fatique and increase comfort, which is very important on long races.

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