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UPR Racing Seat Pad Full Bottom

THE UPR Seat Pads are currently out of stock, we hope to have them available before the end of January. Orders will be filled in the order which they are received. Thank you for your patience!

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Product Information

  • Made from approved fire resistant, multi-density foam material
  • Specifically developed to reduce fatigue and to absorb additional shock
  • Large Anti-Sub Belt hole for easier access
  • The full bottom pad will fit most shell style racing seats as a replacement for the standard foam bottom
  • Available in 2 heights: Standard, 0-.50” taller than a stock pad. Tall, 1.0-1.50” taller than stock pad


If you don't have one, YOU NEED ONE!

The UPR Racing Seat Pads have been the choice of champion off road racers since 2008 when UPR introduced the original Racing Seat Pad. Since then, the UPR Racing Seat Pad has improved comfort and safety for racers all over the world with 100’s and thousands of miles. To create more head room for taller racers, we now have standard and raised height options. The Standard height will be the same height to .50 inch taller than most original racing seat foam pads and a new tall pad that is 1.0 to 1.50” taller than standard foam pads. The UPR Seat pad also has an oversized anti-submarine strap hole from stock pads to make adjustments easier. The ergonomic shape conforms to most body types which gives it an unlimited fitment range.

The UPR Racing Seat Pads unique Multi-Density foam (increases in firmness as its depressed) specifically developed by UPR Racing Supply to greatly reduce the energy transfer through the racers body to improve safety, comfort and endurance.


  • Front Width: 16"
  • Rear Width: 13.5"
  • Length: 18"

Why Use A UPR Racing Seat Pad

You don't need to climb out of your off road car after a race or long ride feeling like you've been in a cage fight. Like a well set up car, you shouldnt be punished by every bump if you're seats are set up properly !

What's so special about the UPR Racing Seat Pad? For starters, it's been in the winners circle of every major off road racing event since 2008. The UPR Racing Seat pad is just as important as any other piece of performance or safety equipment on your race vehicle. Especially recommended for off road racing vehicles and UTV's, but also works well in road race and street cars. The full bottom pads will fit most shell style racing seats as a replacement for the standard foam bottom. Constructed of approved fire resistant, multi-density foam material that is soft to the touch but increases in firmness as it's compressed. The UPR Racing Seat Pad is available in Standard and a +1" Tall size to accomidate most drivers and passengers.

From the safety standpoint, it adds another layer of impact absorption for you. The exclusive Multi-Density foam is soft on the top then gets progressivly firmer as it's compressed. You probably have experienced first hand those bone jarring bumps that made you wish you has a little more suspension. The UPR Seat cushion could very well be that little more suspension.

The contoured design of the UPR Seat Pad also supports your body in a more ergonomic position. This helps to lessen fatigue and increase comfort and endurance, which is can the be the differance of a win or a loss in a long race. Try one, if you don't like it you can return for a full refund...but you won't!