Racing Optics Perimeter Seal Tear-Offs

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Racing Optics Perimeter Seal Tear-Offs

Product Information

Price Range: $35.00 - $35.00

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Product Information

  • Perimeter Seal blocks dust from getting between the shield and tear-off.
  • Optical grade Mylar tearoffs laminated into stacks increase visibility
  • Allow more light transmission by reducing the amount of reflected light tearoff between layers
  • Patented laminated tearoff technology
  • 2 mil thick, 10-layer tearoff stack is great for all dirt racing applications
  • Each sleeve contains 3 stacks of 10 tearoffs. For a total of 30 tearoffs per sleeve

  • Use Fitment Guide Below for Style Number


The Perimeter Seal system is the latest technology from Racing Optics which allows for a tighter seal to visor, blocking out dirt, dust and water from behind the stack. The XStack™ is a stack of 10 laminated Tearoffs that are 2 mil thick each. The laminated technology creates a distortion-free optical lens. Each package contains 3 stacks of 10 Tearoffs for a total of 30 Tearoffs.

Fitment Guide Perimeter Seal

  • 10203CP :Simpson Matrix/ Jr Shark/ HJC auto
  • 10204CP :Simpson RX/Super Bandit/Diamond Back/Raider
  • 10205CP :Bell GTX/Vortex/ BR-1/ M4/ K-1/ Sport / 276/ 281/ 288 shield/ Pyrotect/ G-Force/ Racequip/ Champion
  • 10206CP :Bell Dominator.3/ GTX.3/ GP.3/ GP.5 Touring/ All with SE03/SE05 shield
  • 10206CP :B2 Vision, Apex
  • 10208CP :Bell Dominator.2/GTX.2/ GP.2/ GP.2 Youth/ Star GP/ Star Infusion/ M.8/287 shield/ Zamp FS.2/ RJS
  • 10209CP :Simpson Shark/ VUDO/ Invader/ Voyager 2/ Devil Ray/ Impact Air Draft/1320
  • 10210CP :Simpson Venator
  • 10217CP :Arai GP-5W/ Shoei bike X-11/ Bell Star bike/ HJC bike AR-10/ Stand 21
  • 10218CP :Arai GP-6/ GP-6S/ GP-6PED/ SK-6
  • 10230CP :Impact Vapor/Air Vapor/Charger/Super Charger
  • 10231CP :Impact Champ/Nitro/Super Cyclone
  • 10237CP :Bell RS7/HP7/SE07*
  • 10252CP :Stilo ST5 w/ large tabs*
  • 10259CP :Stilo ST5/ Small Tabs*

Additional Information

Racing Optics Brochure Racing Optics Brochure

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