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AIM Infrared UTV Belt Temperature System

Product Information

Price Range: $299.00 - $299.00

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Product Information

  • Realtime Monitoring of CVT Belt Temperature
  • Programmable temperature thresholds
  • Recall mode
  • Works on all UTV's with a 12v Power Supply
  • High contrast display visible in any light
  • Choose 9ft or 12ft Sensor cable lengths
  • Threaded lock ring for multiple mounting options
  • Easy to install


Save your day by saving your CVT belt! Breaking a belt on the track, in the dunes or on your favorite trail is preventable with some warning. Like many critical parts, heat from hard use, improper alignment or regular wear and tear is the reason CVT belts fail. The AIM Infrared Belt Temperature System will give your real time temperatures information that will allow you to take preventive action before a failure. Overheating the CVT belt causes premature failures, keep the temperatures down will greatly extend belt life. Supply Voltage is also displayed to monitor your electrical system, keeps you from killing your battery while running to many external accessories.

Program a Temperature Warning level and an Alarm level, then monitor the constantly recorded temperatures.

Displayed Information:
  • White: Below Warning Level
  • Yellow: Above Warning Level
  • Red: Above Alarm Level

  • Get online for data recall section of the last 25 tests(Access information in manual)


  • 1 measurement point
  • Temperature range -60/550°F
  • Real-time Temperature Tracking
  • Tracks average temperatures over the last 15', 30' or 90' of run-time

  • Gauge:
  • RGB LED Alert: the LED starts blinking red when temperature exceeds the user defined level
  • Anti-Glare TFT Display
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Vibration proof
  • IP65 Water-Resistant

  • Additional Images

    Aim IBTS Recall Mode System Aim IBTS Sensor Dimensions