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UPR Racing Supply has a huge selection of auto racing under-layers fit all size drivers from Alpinestars, Sparco, RaceQuip and G-Force. UPR has SFI and FIA rated auto racing protective underwear in stock and ready to ship today anywhere in the world. Under-layers are available in traditional Nomex as well as in fast moisture wicking synthetic materials that keep cool while giving you an extra layer of fire and heat protection. Racing Under-Layers are available in sizes XX-Small thru XXX-Large. Racing under-layers, also commonly referred to as Nomex underwear are used in Drag Racing, Road Racing, Dirt Track Racing, road desert and short course racing and any other auto racing environment where fire or heat related protection is required.

Racing underlayers are available from UPR Racing Supply with SFI Certification and/or FIA Homologation. In the USA, most sanctioning bodies require SFI rated racing gloves, but will accept the common FIA certification which is the world standard.

If you’re not wearing fire rated racing underwear in your racecar, you need to be!

More About Racing Underlayers

UPR Racing Supply can assist you in selecting of SFI Rated Underwear or Socks that can ship the same day. If you’re looking for Nomex Socks and Underwear in Tucson, stop by our Racing Supply outlet at 3705 S Palo Verde Blvd. Tucson AZ 85713.