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Racing Helmets - Full Face Helmets

UPR Racing Supply stocks the best auto racing full faced helmets from manufacturers like Bell Racing, RaceQuip, Arai, RaceQuip, Sparco Racing, Impact Racing and Pyrotect. UPR Racing Supply has full faced helmets for Off Road Racing, Road Racing, track days, Dirt track and Drag Racing in stock and ready to ship. Free shipping in the continental US.

All UPR Racing Supply full face Car Racing helmets are certified for competition by the Snell Foundation, and or the SFI Foundation for safety. Full face is the best choice for an auto racing helmet because they offer complete protection including your eyes in the event of an incident. UPR Racing Supply also offers racing helmets to accommodate prescription eyeglasses. UPR also offers helmets with mounts for a Hans Device, Simpson Hybrid and many other head and neck restraint systems for auto racing.

Check your sanctioning bodies rule book before making decision on a racing helmet. There are differences between most racing sanctioning bodies rules, so don’t show up at the race track with the wrong helmet! All of the helmets sold for auto racing by UPR Racing Supply are either Snell SA2015, FIA 8859-2015 or FIA 8860-2015. NASCAR rules are different than what your local dirt track or paved oval track may require. IMSA, Grand Am Racing, Trans-Am Racing, American LeMans Series Racing, SCCA Road Racing and Autocross, NASA Racing, SCORE and BITD OFF Road Racing all have differences in their safety requirements. Most US racing sanctioning bodies will require SNELL SA 2010, SA2015, FIA or SFI 24.1 rated helmets; Some sanctioning bodies may allow one or the other.

More About Full Face Helmets

The UPR Racing Supply staff will help you make a selection for your racing helmet, but it’s up to you to know the rule book for the type racing you will be participating in.