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Youth racing suits are available in single layer, double layer, triple layer in most sizes and colors to equip your junior racer to win. UPR racing Supply has youth sized racing suits are available from Alpinestars, Sparco racing, RaceQuip, G Force and Impact Racing. Youth Racing Suit prices range from under a $100.00 to as much as you want to spend on a full custom racing suit. Custom racing suits are available from Sparco and Impact racing and require up to 8 weeks to build. If you don’t need a custom suit, Alpinestars, Sparco racing, RaceQuip, G Force and Impact Racing all have off the shelf suits that come in smaller sizes to fit most kid racers. In most cases, UPR Racing Supply can assist you in selecting a near perfect fit in a premade racing suit that can ship the same day. If you’re looking for youth racing suits in Tucson, stop by our Racing Supply outlet at 3705 S Palo Verde Blvd. Tucson AZ 85713

More About Youth Racing Suits

Sanctioning bodies rule books vary, so before making a decision on a racing suit for children’s racing suits, check your rule book to get the exact specifications required. All youth racing suits sold for auto racing by UPR Racing Supply are SFI 3.2a/1, SFI 3.2a/5 or they are FIA 8856-2000. It’s possible some suits have both SFI and FIA Ratings.