2/12 About UPR

UPR really started many many years ago, when we were all kids. Growing up and going to the races, being around racers, dreaming of racing. Halloween, we were race car drivers. Career day, grow up to be race car drivers. First speeding ticket, way too fast. And it's not just us, it all of you, and that's what makes up UPR Racing Supply. We are niche; we specialize in making it all happen. Everyone loves watching racing, the moment the tv switches to an in car shot we all can't help but start imagining and making VROOOM or BRAAAP noises. But when everyone starts flinching and closing their eyes in fright as cars start piling up, our eyes are wide open. Studying, learning and thinking of how we can help. It's all too common for people to first think of the motors, transmissions and tires when building a race car. All the things that are replaceable, but you're not. We're thinking of how to get you home, with or without the candy, just like on Halloween.

Since 1984 we have been in the automotive industry, cars and trucks, racing on and off road. Then in 2004 we made the leap and strictly started focusing on our passion; racing. We have focused on not only carrying the best products the industry has to offer, but we also have been testing and evolving our own products to fill the voids as racing evolves. Products that keep us safer, and make us go faster, believe it or not, horsepower is not the only thing that make you go faster.

The little things that get overlooked are our specialty. Seating and driver comfort is an area of development that we've excelled in. Proper seating and harness setup not only keeps you safe, but it also reduces fatigue which keeps you more focused on the prize.

That's what our amazingly knowledgeable staff has to offer you when you dial our number, or log onto our site. Yes, we have amazingly fast shipping on thousands of products, yes it's in stock, in all colors, yes we have your size, but who cares about that when you get it and it doesn't fit, or arrives late. Green flags don't care your suit didn't get shipped out, or your helmet was the wrong size. Fortunately we do, and that's why we do what we do. We work harder than anyone else in the industry to get it right the first time. With our experience in fitment, comfort and even style, we transform the working man into racers every day. Give us a try, the guy passing you did.